Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes & Practice (IQA)

Our experienced tutors deliver innovative and informative courses that ensure learners are best prepared for their career in teaching, training and assessing.

Flexibility allows our team to deliver the courses at your workplace or off site.

A motivational blend of classroom-based learning, research, one-to-one support and observations of your professional practice within your workplace.

Up-to-date information on educational policies and developments.

Advice on progression routes to enhance your career prospects.

Course Overview:

This level 4 qualification is for those who are working as an assessor within their occupational sector and wish to progress into the role as Quality Assurer.

The course covers the current changes to the delivery of apprenticeships in England and how that impacts all industries that employ apprentices.

The IQA course is ideal for people who take on the responsibilities “Control of Quality of the Assessment Process” within their training provider.

For full course details open the AcademyTeam Teaching, Assessing & Quality Assurance prospectus by clicking on the image.

Teaching Prospectus

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