Live workshops, what are the benefits?

Live workshops, what are the benefits?

mobile photography course workshop london smartphoneWith so much online training available are we missing out on the benefits of attending a live workshop?

Online learning offers the promise of learning at your own pace, in your own time, but that doesn’t always hold true if we’re distracted or can’t clear the time for study.

Sarah quoteWhile we’re not getting down to watching that online class we downloaded last week we are missing out on the huge benefits that a live workshop brings. Not just the core learning but the peripheral benefits of working and interacting with people.

If you’re a relationship-oriented individual, and who doesn’t need to be in business, you’ll often learn best through interaction with others.

Participation in discussion is a proven method for processing new information

Observation, listening, asking questions, commenting and getting feedback on the work always gives you the best environment for learning.

A live workshop is a place without distraction. You’ve set aside the time and you’re there with just one purpose. You’ll be efficient, you can really concentrate on the information being shared.

Andrea quoteLike you, everyone attending will have set aside the time and be motivated to get the most out of the course.

Working through practical exercises with a skilled workshop leader who gives real-time feedback on your work, speeds up the trial and error process as you practice new methods.

More efficiency = more advantage. You’ll really have an opportunity to absorb the material.

The teaching can be flexible and reactive to your specific needs, can be added and in there’s time to respond and work with each person, one to one during the session.

AcademyTeam Smartphone Photography WorkshopWith a diverse group of learners, these interactions can often develop learning in directions that are unexpected and mutually beneficial for the group.

Of course, the other benefits of working with a diverse group of real people from varied professional backgrounds are the multiple perspectives they bring to the subject. Increasing the quality of group discussion.

If you’re a small business, usually working on your own, a workshop group provides a ready-made network with a common interest.

All in all, there are a lot of benefits to attending a live workshop.

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