Advanced Professional Smartphone Photography

Differentiate your imagery from the competition using advanced professional photography techniques

Build on your existing skills, receiving practical help to define your own vision

Understand how to control and modify available light, apply more advanced compositional techniques to both product and people photography, use a series of images to tell a story and look at 3rd party apps for post production

Course Content:

  1. Camera supports, reflectors & backgrounds
  2. Using available light, natural and artificial
  3. Advanced composition for people & objects
  4. Storytelling through an image series
  5. Post production with dedicated apps

Classroom based 3 hour session

After course follow up: Submit 3 images for further feedback

Courses available in London, Manchester and Glasgow

Group bookings can be delivered at your workplace

Requirements: Access to a camera enabled smartphone or compact camera. (SLR & mirrorless cameras are also suitable)

A tabletop tripod or mount can be helpful

A practical understanding of photographic technique, camera operation, lighting and composition is required. If in doubt, please consult us beforehand and we can assess your skills.

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