Sarah Jane    Smartphone Photography    September 2017
“Really useful training, now we have no excuses for poor images”

Andrea    AET   June 2017
“Skilled at working with different cultures. I would highly recommend AcademyTeam.”

James    CAVA   May 2017
“Concise & relevant and motivating. I’m glad to have taken the course.”




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AcademyTeam award in education and training teacher training


Do you currently work in vocational education and want to achieve teaching qualifications? Are you an employer seeking high quality continuing professional development for your staff?

AET Level 3 Award in Education & Training

AcademyTeam provides an initial Teacher Training course tailored to suit your sector requirements

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AcademyTeam assessing IQA internal quality assurance

Assessor & IQA

Are you looking to further your career in education? Do you have 5 years experience in your vocational career and want to add an assessing qualification to your portfolio?

CAVA Level 3 Certificate In Assessing Vocational Achievement


Course Overview: This level 3 qualification is for those entering assessing in their occupational sector. The course covers the Trailblazers Initiative (apprenticeships and TechBac) in the funded sector and private sector.

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